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I'm currently employed by Coach-Net RV Motor Club, Inc. as a Senior Software Developer maintaining legacy (ASP.Net | Vb.Net) applications as well as designing and implementing new applications (ASP.Net Core | C#). Additionally, I have implemented network load balancers for the on premise, as well as cloud hosted infrastructure.

Employee of the Quarter

Senior Sofware Developer

Application development and maintenance, and general IT infrastructure support.

  • Location: Texas, USA
  • Phone: +1 877 801 0333

Initially working with an offshore development team, I implemented a new Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process to improve communication and code quality. As the local IT team was built out the offshore resources were released. The focus has been on refactoring legacy appliction into more SOLID design principles. As newer applications are built out, the 'strangler fig' process has been implemented to reduce technical debt and replace old code bases.

I've had the luxury at Coach-Net to also manage the Cisco Meraki appliances for on premise applications as well as introduce pfSense into the cloud infrastructure. I also introduced XCP-NG to bolster the development environment in addition to hypervisors for production and testing.


In addition to my current position listed above, here are a few more highlights about my professional experience. Having worked in Information Technology for over 20 years it isn't feasible to fit everything into a single web page; feel free to contact me for more information if you would like to know more.



A self motivated developer delivering innovative solutions to adapting business with extensive experience in the Microsoft stack. Strong analytical skills and a broad range of computer expertise. Experience includes managing and prioritizing multiple engagements for timely delivery across the Microsoft stack.

  • Proponent of Domain Driven and SOLID design
  • Well versed in several versioning platforms (e.g., SVN, TFS, Git)
  • Technical Manager at Sapience Systems

Professional Experience

Senior Developer

2017 - 2020


  • Worked on the 'Billing Decisions' product to implement the first client facing REST API.
  • Maintained the highly scalable domain driven design of the billing product.
  • Integrated 3rd party APIs into other product offerings of the 'Insurance Decision Suite'
  • Worked remotely several days a week; on premise with a great group of coworkers the remainder.

Senior Programmer Analyst

2013 - 2017

Computer Sciences Corp.

  • Assigned to various projects for a large government contractor, primarily for enhancements to existing applications.
  • Integrated data from various systems, to support project billing from core systems.
  • Implemented OWA and Microsoft Office ribbon controls to help facilitate data access across multiple departments.


Software Engineer

2005 - 2012

Brink's Inc.

  • Administered the Serena PVCS and Microsoft TFS version control systems.
  • Developed and maintained the Brink's ATM System (BAMS) and electronic lock application (eLock)
  • Managed the project to upgrade the Kaba Mas Cencon software for all branch locations.
  • Worked with an amazing group of developers and reported to an awesome manager for most of my tenure at Brink's.

Senior Business Analyst

1998 - 2005

TXU Energy

  • Developed and maintained departmental applications utilizing the 'New' .NetFramework 1.1 and MS SQL Server 7.
  • Provided reports and data analyis from Oracle (PL/SQL) and SQL Server (T-SQL) data sources.
  • Responsible for testing and gap analysis of the SPL CorDaptix system migration.
  • Managed reports in both SSRS and Cognos BI solutions.